Would You Wear an Electric Chair Necklace?

I’ve heard this sarcastic question asked many times from people who object to wearing a cross or crucifix as jewelry. Awhile back it was asked by the host of an Evangelical Christian radio program on my way home from work: If Jesus was electrocuted, would you wear an electric chair […]

Being Catholic Matters

“Catholic” is not just one among many acceptable religions, philosophies, or even Christian denominations. To think a person’s church or religious affiliation is unimportant, as long as he is generally “good,” is to overlook stark incompatibilities between the Catholic Church and other religions. Consider Protestant and other non-Catholic Christians. Thanks […]

Did God Merely Use Mary as an “Oven”?

Photo Credit: Flickr/H. Michael Miley   Mary is often dismissed by some Christian opponents of the Church as an “oven” for Jesus, a necessary womb to grow the fetal Son of Man. After his birth, the holy yet still sinful Mary fell away into relative insignificance. It is said she doesn’t […]

Why We Can’t Let the Bible Interpret the Bible

Since we all recognize that the Bible is often twisted and seriously misinterpreted by its readers, certain well-meaning “Bible only” Christians attempt to overcome the problem with a simple solution: “Let the Bible interpret the Bible.” While the idea of a self-interpreting text is attractive, it is still a logical […]